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The Folk are proud to be associated with Doc Martens, Herts Music Service as Ambassadors for Songwriter 2012, Edgeward Web Design, The Cream Room Studio, Dane End, and The Street Boutique.

Exciting Product association news from Doc Martens (1.02.12) !

“I’ve spoken to our music consultants and they like the band and think they are very much ‘of the moment’.

               I’d like to offer the girls a pair of DMs each. Would they be able to

meet me at one of the Dr. Martens London stores to pick out a

pair? ”

err… ok thanks  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







We’re all pretty much there with our choices, but Rose still                                         hasn’t decided …. wandering around the shop, decisions                                    decisions ! – ” I like all of them ”







I think we are there !!! ( phew !)









Thanks to the very patient DM staff :)








Busking in our gorgeous Doc Martens…

Lucy chose sexy stilletto boots,

Rose cute velvet Mary jane’s

Sam classic highly polished Brogues

and Lauren vintage floral boots.


DM’s have come a long way since macho bovver boots  :D

Awesome !



          Our new shoes kept our spirits up in the bitter cold February

Covent Garden streets













Proud to be Ambassadors for Herts Songwriter 2012






Playing a couple of our newer tracks after talking a bit about

Herts Music Service and the great opportunities songwriting

can bring your way !








Chatting to the pupils of Ralph Sadleir after the Assembly






Neil Copping from STREET BOUTIQUE in Hitchin  approached us back in the Autumn when we were busking there, and having met up with him since, we are now entering into a very exciting arrangement where we wear STREET BOUTIQUE clothes for our gigs and photo shoots. We were so excited when we went to choose our first outfits, SO  MUCH choice and right up our street (!) too.. best way to describe it is high street pieces without the high street prices. Vintage styling and quirky designs go hand in hand in STREET BOUTIQUE, so perfect for us with our diverse tastes ! We are going to take it in turns to chose a collection each month – and who knows ? our own label ?..






Recording our first EP at The Cream Room Studio, Dane End






With our mates Rob Clydesdale ( doing a Groucho impression ) and

Martin Lumsden.