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One Week. Twenty Five Songs. Get Involved!

Ok DS-ers we are about to rock your socks. Five days of five songs creating that perfect new 25 to listen to. Y’all ready for this?

The Folk

Ok we are loving these girls. Young, fresh and folksy. Their music has a modern day brit-pop, Lily Allen wrestling Paloma Faith in a festival field sort of sound to them. It is interesting, quirky and altogether just plain likable. There latest song When It Rains is a great introduction to their sound and it is clear from their warm harmonies and moxie style that they are going to be the next generations festival favourites. Good on you girls!

Great debut single from four very talented girls   by Del__B

Heard about this band only a matter of a few weeks ago and reckon they are destined for big things. Love the harmonies in the chorus and the lyrics are really too. Makes a nice change to hear some talent these days instead of some halfwits shouting over a manufactured beat! I look forward to hearing much more from the band in the future. Good luck girls!!

…More  It would be great to see a video of you playing your Kala ukes. We’ve been checking out your music and it is fantastic!

I found this band from a Suzi Perry tweet and haven’t looked back since. Their delicate voices in the intro and verses gives way to resounding bass and a very full sound in the chorus, reverting to a gentle ending. Really enjoyed it. Colin Begg.


This was written in respected Acoustic magazine FATEA,  News and Snippets section :

A band that’s starting to get a lot of attention at the moment are The Folk. They’ve just released their debut single, “When It Rains”, which prompted no less a person than Tom Robinson to say, “It’s the chorus that holds this track for me. The honesty and emotive qualities really shine through and the nature of the recording is charming.”

There’s more to it than that. More than most other genres, folk seems to have a good number of young artists that have a serious credibility, like others before them, The Folk are performing whilst still studying for their A Levels, the thing that sets them apart from some of their peers, is the sense of fashion they bring alongside their music. It’s brought them great coverage and offers from DM Boots and fashion magazines.

This looks like it might be a really fun one to keep an eye on. I can hear the sound of cobwebs being blown away.

The really rather wonderful The Folk came into JACK’s Knebworth Park Studios on Thursday 12th April, the day their debut single When It Rains was released.
From Freman College, Buntingford, Sam, Lauren, Rose and Lucy are only 16/17 and sicken us to the core with their talent and beauty and general promise in life. But, we can’t help but like them, especially when they play us a new song like Wait Forever.

“Their music has an undeniable and adorable pop sentimentality. There’s go weak at the knees melodies, harmonies to die for… Robin Seamer, Breaking New Waves Blog.

“It’s the chorus that holds this track for me. The honesty and emotive qualities really shine through and the nature of the recording is charming”. TOM ROBINSON, BBC Radio 6 New Music Presenter ( who has since played it on national radio !)

“This is by The Folk who are superb,have a listen and see if you think they are going to be as big as I think they could be….”

BEN JONES, BBC Three Counties Radio

Lovely, lovely local music from The Folk. I sat on youtube watching their video last night cos I just really, really like that..they are very talented… the chorus keeps popping in to my head, I was pushing Fraser on the swings to that, to the rhythmn of that chorus, it just keeps coming back into my head ! STEVE FOLLAND AND JULES MAYNE, 106JACK FM

The Folk… like that.. i think it’s a little bit Kate Bush-ey… SIMON LEDERMAN BBC THREE COUNTIES RADIO

The Folk have mastered lullaby-esque melodies and married them with delicate lyrics.  BRIXTON JAMM BLOG

I think within you there is a little bit of treasure here and I am just really honoured that you have been on my show to unleash yourselves on the Eastern Counties – let’s hope you’re going to be putting some jewels in the crown of the eastern Counties….



Talented girls aiming to take on the world

The Folk
The Folk

FOUR young ladies from north and east Herts are aiming to make it big in the music world.

A-level students Lauren Deakin Davies (guitar), Lucy Holmes (vocals), Sam Saward (violin) and Rose Goodship (multi-instruments), are combining studying and trying to establish themselves as popfolk band The Folk.

After starting just under a year ago as a covers band at school, they are now writing their own music.

Busking for money in the summer, the money  earned was used to go into a recording studio to record their own brand of ‘high energy pop with a twist of folk’.

The girls release their  debut single When It Rains on April 12 and have performed on local radio.

Listen to The Folk on  The Advertiser Group 5th April 2012


The Folk are newly arrived on The UK music scene armed and dangerous with swirling melodies and bags of youth. Aged 16-17 Lucy, Rose, Sam and Lauren have been busking their way from Hertfordshire to the BBC since their arrival on the scene last year.

Team some ukelele’s with some strings and 4 part harmonies and you might think you will know what to expect. The lovechild of Florence and Mumford? Perhaps. It’s what critics have so far have dubbed them of and it seems fitting to an extent. However there is something far more intricate and worthy of note to consider.

The girls who are merely a year on the scene, and have been producing their own material to great rapture and public gain. Their first track Better Than Us was cut from the proceeds of their busking efforts a commendable output when your still dealing with A Levels and commitments to future stability. Drawing inspiration from Florence, Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons, Bellowhead, Foster The People and Bon Iver, The Folk have mastered lullaby-sque melodies and married them with delicate lyrics.

Having recently been featured on BBC’s Introducing series and an endorcement from alternative footwear kings Dr Martens, The Folk have been snatching hearts and big ups from a variety of honourable media.

At Jamm we always like to give a shout out to new talent-hey did anyone see Adele walk off the stage with six grammies on Saturday?! A platform for future talent is something we always strive to be. Without further adieu, we give you The Folk

Listen here:-




Very nice write up about our video for When It Rains in The Comet. 23rd March 2012.

Thanks guys :)






Interview by Niji Magazine : The Folk

  • Who makes up The Folk and how did you all meet?

We are four A level students, all in the first year of sixth form and all studying at Freman College in Buntingford. The Folk are Lauren Deakin Davies, Lucy Holmes, Rose Goodship and Sam Saward.

Rose and Sam have known each other since they were little tots! And have been in the same classes for about 10 years now. It was only in Freman College that the band started to form as Rose and Sam started taking the idea of following their dream more seriously. Lauren then added her depth of guitar skills to the mix and eventually Lucy waltzed in with her powerful voice to top the sound off!

     What do you each play ?

We have loads of instruments that we take turns to play, for example there are six different ukuleles that are mostly Rose’s, but Sam often borrows her bass ukulele which sounds really cool, like a bass guitar, in addition to her own ukulele and the violin. The violin is pretty prominent in a number of our tracks, especially Stay, but not on the single we are releasing next week, which is ‘When it Rains’. 

Sam also plays the Melodica which will feature in our next single ‘ Wait Forever ‘. Rose has recently acquired an Accordion, which is a beast of an instrument, so now we are working out some new songs which use that sound too, which is fun.

Lucy is our lead singer and provides a great focal point when we are on stage. Sam and Rose provide harmonising and additional vocals in most of the tracks, which creates real variety. Lucy also does Floor Drum, but her forte is being our ‘ front woman’, she’s really good at chatting to the audience while we are re tuning, or plugging in yet another instrument. Some of our songs are in a tuning called DADGAD, referring to the guitar string notes, so then we have to re tune to normal tuning half way through which can take a minute or so !

Lauren plays the guitar in all our songs, if there is one instrument playing, it will be Lauren’s, as in Outside, where it is just her and three vocals. We do that one on the radio as it doesn’t take up too much space in the studio ! She also plays bass guitar, mandolin and ukulele, but most of the time she is using her electro acoustic guitar.

  • Who came up with the initial concept of forming a band?

Three of us have known each other for many years, although Sam and Rose were the real starting point as Lauren was in another band where she was the only girl. It wasn’t until after Lauren left that band – having being in it since she was 10 ! – that Rose and Sam approached her and we all developed our abilities to play music together in school events. And then, one day about a year ago we really thought that something could work for us and as neither Rose or Sam wanted to be lead singer, we asked Lucy, who we didn’t know very well, and it all began to take off.


  • How would you describe your sound?

We all have a different take on this, and as they are all significant, it’s interesting to see the influences that we blend into our music.

Lucy would say that it is quite ‘pop like’ because she is influenced by Nikki Minaj and loves Rizzle Kicks and Florence and the Machine, Sam would prefer to call it contemporary folk. Lauren doesn’t think that ‘Folk’ would be the best way to describe us, she says we are more like acoustic indie pop, on folk instruments. We heard it described as ‘Neo folk’ the other day and that sounded cool !

Rose  is more traditional and has the most ‘folky’ roots, citing Bellowhead as one of her major influences. She feels our sound is a fresh take on folk music and is really pushing the boundaries of what Folk music is perceived as!

Basically, our sound is complex  yet has a raw simplicity to it. Recently we played in a gig at Cambridge Folk Club and after we’d finished they said they weren’t sure it was Folk, but that they loved it and thought we would go far !


  • What A Levels did each of you take?

Lauren : I am taking A-level Music Tech, Design Technology, Business and General Studies. I’m a bit of a techie so I use that to my advantage in the band to set up the PA and sound equipment. It also means I can fix electronic things which is very helpful ! I feel that Business was a good choice to take because it helps me out almost every day in the marketing, budgeting and planning decisions that the band are faced with.

We are doing it ourselves, we don’t have a record label or PR company behind us, just our families helping us and our parents driving us here there and everywhere ! We write all our own music as a group, Rose and Lauren created the logo, we all design the posters, we all agree on what merchandise we are going to have, which equipment we are going to spend our busking and gigging money on, which gigs we will do, which radio stations we’d like to contact, who we’d like to use as sound engineer,  which companies and products we would like to be associated with, there’s so much involved with the band !  Currently, Doc Martens are providing our footwear, Street Boutique our clothes and Dead Swanky, Hertfordshire based salon, are doing our hair ! Matt at Edgeward is keeping our website going and Martin and Rob at The Cream Recording Studio, Dane End, are doing a lot of unpaid overtime recording our tracks for us. We are very lucky and know it ! And creatively, there’s no one else apart from the four of us involved in our song writing, which is really rewarding.

Sam took Music, Music Tech,  French, History and General Studies and Rose is doing Music, Music Technology, Art and General Studies. Lucy is studying Art, French, History and General Studies ( which everyone is our sixth form has to do ).

Does each of you have a role within the group when it comes to making decision and keeping you organised as a group?

We all have an important role in the band that makes it work the way it does, it is very even, no one is more important than the others. Lauren has been described as the rock of the band because she keeps the rhythm of the band going and often tries to keep us organised, even reminding us when we have our dentist appointments ! Lucy loves getting involved in what we wear, and encourages everyone to develop our own individual outrageous look ! Sam is the level headed one, and she is learning to drive so she can take over the ‘taxi’ service from our parents and Rose likes to have a hand in everything , has a strong opinion on most things and likes to be seen as a one off, a bit of a rebel, which she certainly is !  She recently chose three shades of pink for her new hair colour – very daring but it looks great ! Goes well with her nose piercing and the shaved left patch above her ear !

We seem to spend all our time together and we work as a unit. Decisions are made as a group and we allow some decisions to be made with a majority vote, and those that don’t like it have to deal with it  ( and luckily it’s never the same person over ruled twice in a row !) and for other major decisions, we  go with unanimous decisions, so we only go ahead if we all agree. Most of the time we think along the same lines. We take what we are doing very seriously, it is a business after all, but boy are we have fun along the way ? !

  • What reaction do you get when you are busking on the street?

It is such a positive experience. Most people are so supportive. We got given £50 by one man in Hertford, which was really touching that someone liked our music that much. We also got asked to play at this guys party and were paid £50 there and then to turn up a few weeks later (he was quite pleasantly surprised to see us !). The guys that run the studio we use for recording, approached us too when we were busking and said that we should give them a call. Which we did and that has turned out really well ! Another guy asked if we would play at the club down the road as the main act were stuck in heavy traffic and were delayed – so off we went ( via New Look and Boots, spending our takings on a bit of a make over !)

Most people are very open to helping us and I would defiantly recommend busking to anyone. On the slightly negative side, quite a few people whack out their phones and cameras to film which is sort of funny but scary at the same time cause we’ll never see the video or know what’ll happen to it.


  • What would say has been your highlight so far?

Each day something better happens and the opportunities that are coming our way are exciting. For Lauren one of the highlights was going up to London and being treated like true celebrities when we went to get our DM’S, also when we were driving along and suddenly heard one of our songs on the radio, ( 106jackFm and BBC Three Counties Radio have had us on the playlist ) we were like squealing and amazed and it truly let us see where this is going.

For Rose it has to be a gig we did at The Troubadour in London, the atmosphere was great and vibe was so amazing! For Lucy and Sam, the photoshoot with Shout magazine was a highlight – the magazine is on the shelves on 12th April, nicely coinciding with the day of our release, and apparently we are in a ten page spread ! Doing the fashion shoot was a first for us and we were pampered all day, it was incredible  !

Just recently, being chosen as one of Tom Robinson’s top 5 Fresh Faves, on his BBC Radio 6 show, was a new highlight. He wrote a really nice review of our single, ‘When It Rains’ which we release on itunes and amazon and all the usual digital outlets on Thursday. National radio play is our current aim, and it is starting on Easter Sunday, when Tom is playing our track across the country on his show ! There has been a lot of interest in us as a result of Tom Robinson’s support, we are really excited and thankful!

  • Who have been your musical inspirations while growing up?

Lauren says she has had a variety of influences as she was growing up, has always been into rocky bands and that really shines through in her guitar playing and the songs that she writes. One artist that has truly affected her playing style was Laura Marling. After seeing her live she was so inspired she just got her guitar out, even though it was really late and started to write new songs. As a band we have a strong influence of Mumford and Sons and Florence and the Machine which we feel makes our sound pretty unique. As a small child Sam loved 70s/80s music and like most of us, was influenced by what her parents were listening to. Nowadays she also loves folky/acoustic music like Bon Iver and First Aid Kit.

Roses musical inspirations are so varied as her parents and brother have such diverse tastes, so while she was growing up she had completely clashing music playing in every room! To name a few, Bellowhead, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash! More recently she has been influenced by artists such as Foster the People and Fleet Foxes. Lucy is a bit of a wild card, she says Christina Aguilera is her primary inspiration to start singing, which she says explains why she is so loud. We think she would be loud who ever her influences were !


  • What new and exciting things can we expect from The Folk in 2012?

Well every day comes with a new surprise but in our ideal world it would be to go on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny New Year’s Eve show. But in the more immediate future we are getting booked for more and more festivals, including an acoustic stage associated with the Great Escape in Brighton on 12th May, and cool events like University of Hertfordshire’s Summer Ball.  DJ Fresh and Labrinth are also playing so we’re well excited ! On the recording front we are planning on bringing out a mini album which would be developed in to a full length one by the end of the year along with our single release on the 12 April of ‘When it Rains ‘ and two other releases in August and October, just to keep us on our toes !


  • What advice would each of you give to an up and coming group?


From a creative viewpoint, we feel that you have to stay true to writing your own style, something you feel comfortable with, even if it is ‘unfashionable’ or unusual. It is tempting to think you have to fit into the mould of the ‘ popular’ bands or acts, but if you are writing from the heart, it will show and your passion will carry people along with you. This means that we have quite a diverse range of songs as we all get involved in writing each song ! Writing whenever you can and recording your ideas as you go along is really useful too, as you think you’ll never forget it, but….. !

Gigging as much as possible really helps to build your act and a good confident stage presence is really important. Today, the streets of Hertford, tomorrow, the O2…. well, maybe not tomorrow, but one day hopefully !

As we spend pretty much all our time on band stuff ( even when we are at school ha ! ha !) we have made a decision to try to use everyone’s talents, for example, if someone loves doing make up, styling for photo shoots, doing art work for posters, or writing press releases, we have a go, so that we are using all our talents and all contributing. That way, you can enjoy yourself, feel your skills are being used and it helps keep you motivated and inspired to continue writing the songs ! One of them might be a top 10 hit !

One of the main pieces of advice we would give and one of the things that has made a big difference for us, is perseverance, and making the most of every contact that comes your way. Since September we have made a real effort and it shows. We think that this is one of the defining things that has meant that we have got to where we are now. Just putting ourselves out there at every opportunity, contacting people and then sending press releases with nice pics ( which our friends studying photography have taken, thanks Charlie Hodges and Lauren Alsford ) to all the local papers and magazines has led us into so many opportunities.

Also, we have found that things have gone better for us when all the social media is kept up to date and all available options are used, like facebook, twitter, myspace, soundcloud, youtube and Electronic Press Kits( EPK) and internet radio and TV sites. There are more, once you start looking  and quite honestly, the only constraints are the time to write your profile and upload photos, videos and ‘elevator pitches’ as they call them. Most of them are looking for new music all the time and they can only say no ( or worst case, just ignore you ). Or, as happened to us recently, listen to the track, and put in to the vote with industry professionals, as Tom Robinson, Presenter on BBC Radio 6 did ! !  You just never know, but if you don’t try and get your music out there, no one is going to know about it, it just doesn’t happen overnight for most bands!

We also developed a website too,, which is what we refer to as the landing page for anyone interested in the band, as all the social media links are on there. We pride ourselves on our reliability, turning up when we say we will and being responsive to enquiries, comments made on facebook and twitter messages, even though it is time consuming. It is really important to us that we are professional about things even though we are still new to the business.  I know that everyone would have heard it all before but, not giving up is truly a key factor that is needed when you are starting up a band because it takes time to get anywhere and you have to enjoy every mile stone as they come, and it’s an amazing feeling when you accomplish something.


The Folk can be followed on twitter on @thefolkuk

Or facebook on

Soundcloud :

Youtube :

Email :

And of course, the website –



HERTFORDSHIRE’S newest girl band, The Folk, appeared live on the country’s oldest student radio station in Hatfield.

The Folk buskingThe Folk busking

The county’s answer to X Factor stars Little Mix visited the University of Hertfordshire to sing and chat with DJ Callum Hale on Crush Radio.

Crush is the oldest student radio station in the country, while The Folk’s four teenage members – Stevenage girl Lucy Holmes, Lauren Deakin Davies from Walkern and Buntingford pair Rose Goodship and Sam Saward – are still at school while following their musical dream.

Best described as Mumford and Sons meets Florence and The Machine, The Folk are not a manufactured group but offer acoustic pop on folk instruments.

And as if to prove it to the slightly cynical university listenership they can actually sing and play, the girls performed three of their original songs live in the studio.

The FolkThe Folk

The Crush DJ was impressed with the band, who were relaxed and at home in the studio, helped, no doubt, by being interviewed on BBC Three Counties, Jack FM and YOR Radio in recent months.

“Listen to the band and you too will hear and experience how truly mesmerizingly brilliant their music is,” said Callum.

“The Folk is made up of Lucy, Lauren, Sam and Rose; four of the most talented girls you are ever likely to meet! Was a great pleasure having them on the show.”

The four AS-level students, who go to Freman College in Buntingford, formed about a year ago at school and cut their teeth busking in Hertford.

They used the proceeds to pay for studio time to record their first EP and the single they are releasing digitally on April 12. When It Rains will be available on iTunes, Amazon and Napster.

The Folk also have a string of festival dates and gigs lined up.

They are booked for the Nettlebed Stage at this year’s Rhythms of the World Festival in Hitchin on July 24.

Before then, they will play a free ‘all ages’ afternoon gig in Hertford at the Corn Exchange on Sunday, March 25.

To hear a recording of the Crush Radio show, go to – click on the link above right.

For more on the band, go to


The Davenport Collection have featured us as one of their bands on their ACTs page. Delighted :)

Meet the Love Child of Mumford & Sons and Lily Allen: The Folk

Posted On Thursday, 09 Feb 2012 By 

This four piece girl band from Buntingford, Hertfordshire are set to storm into stardom very soon. The group is made up of 4 quirky and unique individuals; Lucy Holmes, Lauren Deakin-Davies, Sam Saward and Rose Goodship. Their individuality is reflected in their varying musical tastes, ranging from French music to the likes of Lady Gaga! So, don’t just expect Folk music from them, but do expect plenty of Folk instruments and the perfect acoustic pop- folk blend!

The Folk make a refreshing change from the pop manufactured girl groups that are in the charts today. What’s even more unique, is the fact that they busk for their money so be sure to keep an eye out for them in Hertford! Give them some of your loose change and then you can proudly say you helped fund them before they became famous, which won’t be long, believe us! What makes The Folk even better is that they’re Ambassadors for the Hertfordshire Music Songwriter Competition 2012. What an inspirational bunch of Folk they are!

The Folk are currently gigging their hearts out in Hertfordshire and London, so be sure to keep a look out! Also, book the Rhythms of the World Festival (taking place in Hitchin) into your diaries, as they’ll be appearing there this July! You can check out their gigs and any further information you may need on their Facebook page ‘The Folk’, follow them on Twitter @thefolkuk or have a look at their website

Why not take a listen to their debut single When It Rains and ensure you take a look at our sneak preview of their new song Here Come The Creeps.

The Folk’s debut single When It Rains is released digitally through Ditto Music on the 12.04.12 and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Nokia etc. Their EP (Extended-Play Single) Dressed Up is available for £5; contact them via their website to get one. This will probably be the cheapest you’ll ever get their songs, so don’t miss out!