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We are really excited to be releasing Stay on 25th July. And here is the first official review !

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Next in, we have Terry Sullivans review from The Sticks Magazine Follow this link to a lovely article they wrote about The Folk

“Stay has a haunting but melodic feel but is irisistably catchy with a great hookline wonderfully crafted by three very talented local female musicians. I can’t stop listening to it and hear something new each listen. Should be a big hit”

 Now a lovely review from Geraint Morgan from Kala

Just when you think the girls have released their best work with their previous release “When it rains” they come up with yet another beauty in“Stay”.

Thus proving already that The Folk are by no means a one hit wonder, these girls mean business!

From the off you can tell your listening to The Folk with their quirky chord progressions, and that beautiful string section which has become a signature  now to the girls sound these days. The chorus’ ooze melody and catchiness and trust me when I say this; it won’t be long until you find yourself humming the chorus yourself. And just when you things couldn’t get any better, a violin solo kicks in setting you up a big crescendo which ends the track on a high. Keeping you on your toes and begging for more.   Can’t wait for the album!!!  10/10

Geraint Morgan- Kala ukulele product Manager

Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net listening post voted Stay to be in the Fresh Faves for the w/c 2nd July ! this is what they said : “the subtle production really allows this trio’s harmonies to come to the fore during a memorable chorus”

Dressed UP. . new.. by The Folk

The five mixes, released 31.05.12, are available to buy on bandcamp – you can access them all from this link :

YOU CAN BUY “FOLKED UP – WHEN IT RAINS – THE MIXES”  BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK :  The original track is also included in the bundle which has 5 mixes, which is available for £2.49 or it’s 79p for the tracks individually.

You can buy When It Rains, the single, by using one of these links, or click on the HMV link below and it will take you there  :


Tom Robinson played the single on BBC 6 Radio : ”It’s the chorus that holds this track for me. The honesty and emotive qualities really shine through and the nature of the recording is charming.” AND he put it in his top 5 vote for the weeks new tracks on his fresh on the net blog

Single Review // The Folk // When It Rains

Sorry…I blanked out  in a state of bliss, then, and noticed The Folk was still playing in the background. The talent these four ladies possess, creates a salute from the hairs of the back of your head. I noticed the magic scrolling through  and was amazed at how influential their track // When It Rains // was at the time (released five months ago). I was going through a rough time and was immediately transformed into happiness. So I decided to review the track now…as opposed to then, because I wanted to relive the experience. Let’s go…….

When It Rains. 

Lucy Holmes, Sam Saward and Rose Goodship kick the track into action with sweet, but subtle tones and tickles. Lauren Deakin Davies’ guitar starts up. Lucy then talks about experiences with love that’s lost. The vocals are as a warm as sitting in bed with milk and cookies and the background sound pelts down and leaves puddles of talent. This is a great track and should be rewarded with a record deal or a play on 6Music. I would compare their sound to a particular artist…but these girls should run with the wind and not get distracted with influences.

// Daniel Thomas Independent Music News

Impressive by Nathan Liu

When someone told me of a ‘local, up and coming band’ called the Folk, I really didn’t have high expectations. But this track blew me away.

We’ll hear more of this lot in the future, they’re going to be big.


JACK FM 106 – about ‘When it Rains’      “Great ! Beautiful vocals – the whole mix is spot on – great single”

“You know when you hear a band and you think ‘there’s no reason why they shouldn’t make it ?’ I feel that way about The Folk” Steve Folland ( Breakfast DJ on JACK 106FM ) 21st Dec. 2011

The Folk, they’re great ! I saw them at the Corn Exchange a couple of months ago, they are fantastic, they are really good. Four really nice young girls and they’re really good players as well and they write their own stuff.  They do a few covers too and I think they’re going places. They’re doing real good’ Chas Hodges ( of Chas of Dave ) 19th Dec live on JACK 106 F

“Hailed as the female Mumford and Sons, this young girl group will blow you away.. One to watch out for. 10/10″Micky Pallant


The Folk – New Waves

It’s all in the name really. The Folk, an all-female four piece from Hertfordshire, may still be young enough to describe themselves as A-Level students but their music is not versed in the dubstep wub-wub or r ‘n’ b pop that proliferates through many teen headphones or 6th form / college common rooms. Instead The Folk name their influences as Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Foster the People, Florence and the Machine, Bellowhead and Laura Marling and certainly listening to their sweet, verging on twee, acoustic pop songs it’s possible to hear elements of all of these artists as well as the likes of early First Aid Kit, Gabrielle Aplin and Stealing Sheep.
The Folk are Lucy Holmes (lead vocals), Lauren Deakin-Davies (guitar), Sam Saward (backing vocals, ukulele and violin) and Rose Goodship (backing vocals and ukulele). Whilst the group are unlikely to be found challenging the likes of Lady Gaga or Katy Perry in the near future for chart status (although they do have a song called Disco Ball Bra which frankly is more a Perry-esque title than one Marling would use) their music has an undeniable and adorable pop sentimentality. There’s go-weak-at-the-knees-melodies, harmonies to die for and a sense that whilst it’s very early days there’s a huge amount still to come from this group.
There’s a wealth of songs on the bands Soundcloud, some of which are very raw in their recording quality, although the likes of When It Rains (recently submitted and chosen as one of the winners of Tom Robinson’s Fresh Faves on the final BBC6 Music Fresh on the Netshow) is much more polished. With some more gems like that and the lovely Stay ( streaming on You Tube below) they could easily become something to really treasure.

Just started listening to ‘The Folk’ and captivated.Great music, hypnotic voices. Looking forward to listening to more. Kind regards, Phil x

Heather Hemp
Sue Dougan (Radio Cambridgeshire) just played my birthday request for ‘When It Rains’ by you 4 talented girls! Superb!
Michael Stokes
When It Rains is an awesome tune. First heard in on JackFM the other week and have just downloaded it from iTunes! :D Will you be performing at Rhythms of the World this year?

The Folk at The Troubadour – 23rd March 2011

How do you discover new bands? A random track catches your ear on the radio or a was it the support band you’d never heard of before play before your favourite band or was it, as in this case, through a facebook link shared by a friend. When I see a link, I’ll always give it a go. And this is exactly how I found The Folk. And thank God I did.

No sooner had I clicked on the link titled “When It Rains” I was hooked by the sound of female vocal harmonies over a lightly picked guitar, a great start I thought, but it was not until the chorus hit that I suddenly realise just how good this song is. The vocals soar as all four voices effortless sync with each other over guitars and ukulele.

My first thought after hearing the track is? I need to see this band live!

Thanks to the wonders of our good old F.B, one “Like” button later and I’m there….and find an amazing discovery, The Folk are all young girls still studying their A levels at the school I used to go too.

Now normally the thought of seeing a girl band, would have me running the other way, but The Folk are a band that have been best described as a female Mumford and Sons rather then one of those throwaway Suga-Spiced Aloud type acts, and right fully so!

So, roll on to St Paddy’s and the next gig they are playing, and it’s just down the road at The Orange Tree, Baldock. I arrive and position myself at the front right of no stage but close to the bar. The girls haven’t even sound checked yet there is a buzz around around the pub, well it was St. Patrick’s Day, but as a looked about I spotted people wear The Folk T-Shirts and badges….Was this buzz more then just the Guinness tonight?

A quick sound check and the set starts. Now I’ll be honest I only know one song, so it’s all new to me from here, but one things for sure from the off, these girl can play. Guitars, Ukuleles, Violin, Floor Drums and even a Bass Ukulele comes out. They play a short set and no sooner have they’ve finished I’m after a C.D. ( and even scored a badge too). I promise to see them again and leave to make it to my local to enjoy my national holiday.

As Promised, the following week I make the journey to The Troubadour, London to see the girls play again. This time after playing their demo all week I knew a few more tunes. The Troubadour is tiny. Superb! The Folk are the first band on tonight and I take the chair right next to the stage, getting lucky with these prime spots.

The set is again very short but tonight thanks to the venues P.A. and sound man I get to hear those incredible harmonies as clear as a bell. I sing along to the songs I’ve learnt and when the set ends the girls are encouraged for one more, they give us a reprise of their last song, but no one seems to care. The Folk have without doubt gained some more fans tonight. Due to travel arrangements I have to leave, but not before getting a T-Shirt and telling their manager that she is sat on gold with this band. Throwing on the T-Shirt I see the girls and let them know how good they are like a true geeky fan, and get told they like my T-Shirt.

This band have got all the potential to go a long way in the music world, and with the obvious hard working they are doing gigging everywhere the can, I think they will.

With high profile shows coming up including Hitchin’s Rhythms of the World, Cambridge’s Strawberry Fair and Hertford’s Rock at the Castle you must try to see this band…next year you’ll be wishing you had when they make it big!

Mystery Rob’s music and gig reviews 2nd April

Maddie Emery

Cannot get ‘When it rains’ out of my head! Such a good song, you girlies are seriously talented! xx
Spent ages trying to find out what a song was what I heard on Jack FM. It’s you guys. Nice work!

“Really great watching you perform. I can’t believe how professional you all are. I could just tell as you were getting set up that you totally know what you’re all doing. I know musicians twice your age and they don’t know half of what you do.” “A wonderful band that appeared as if from nowhere. I feel honoured to have hosted them at my own acoustic night”Matt Coston,

At a time when the X Factor is peddling music as a by-product of the celebrity machine, it’s refreshing to see and hear real music made with real instruments, coming out of Hertford in the shape of The Folk. A little bit Mumford & Sons, a little bit Fleet Foxes but very much themselves; driving their own brand of Folk-pop originals and covers. Go and see these girls, you won’t fail to be in thrall to their honest, uplifting performance.    Richard Pearse, Token Female.