Radio Clips and Pics

We were rather touched with what 106JackFm wrote about us today :

Live Music – The Folk

The really rather wonderful The Folk came into JACK’s Knebworth Park Studios on Thursday 12th April, the day their debut single When It Rains was released.

From Freeman College, Buntingford, Sam, Lauren, Rose and Lucy are only 16/17 and sicken us to the core with their talent and beauty and general promise in life. But, we can’t help but like them, especially when they play us a new song like Wait Forever. Enjoy!
Oh and check out The Folk at make sure you catch them live this summer!

The reactions ‘When It Rains’ generated from DJ’s was really heart warming and we have made a little compilation of their quotes on air, with some pics over it. Which you can access if you click this link.

Some of the lovely comments included :

This is by The Folk who are superb, by the way, and I know I get paid to say it… but this band, I think, could be huge and they are on twitter… you can follow them @thefolkuk……have a listen and see if you think they are going to be as big as I think they could be….

you’ll love this, this is great… can it be my record of the week ? can I play it every day ?

lovely lovely local music from The Folk. I sat on youtube watching their video last night cos I just really, really like that.. it’s good isn’t it, yes, they are very talented… the chorus keeps popping in to my head, I was pushing Fraser on the swings to that, to the rhythmn of that chorus, it just keeps coming back into my head !

The Folk… like that.. I think it’s a little bit Kate Bush-ey…

Four fabulous ladies who are The Folk, are here … enjoying yourselves.. I think within you there is a little bit of treasure here and I am just really honoured that you have been on my show to unleash yourselves on the Eastern Counties – let’s hope you’re going to be putting some jewels in the crown of the eastern Counties….

They were brilliant, they don’t need instruments, there aren’t many professionals that could do that..

They were a breath of fresh air, I don’t mind telling you that !

On Friday 17th February 2012 I was lucky enough to be joined in the studio by The Folk, we chatted and they played some lovely live music!

 The Folk is a group made up of four girls; Lauren, Lucy, Rose and Sam; and boy are they talented! Listen to the interview/live tracks above and you too will hear and experience how truly mesmerizingly brillaint their music is. Things are looking up for the group as they go from busking the streets of Hertford to playing festivals and gigs in and around the Hertfordshire area (so far)! All their present success is honestly well deserved, and I am as excited as anyone to hear their new album which will be out later in 2012. Believe it or not the girls are all currently balancing Sixth Form studies with being in the group, fair play to them!
The band have a very bright future ahead of them and I for one predict great things to become of The Folk!

Make sure to give The Folk all your loving by checking out their website-  and liking them on facebook takes you to his page about us

The interview and live songs were recorded at Crush Radio, The University of Hertfordshire’s Student Radio Station.

This is what it sounded like :


This was a lovely surprise, tuning in to Three Counties Radio before we went in that evening, we heard them play ‘When It Rains’ and they were really into it :)

This is what they said :

“That is a great song, that’s The Folk, they are actually going to be on the BBC introducing tonight with Gary Lloyd…..hello, I’ve just run back cos that is absolutely fantastic, , beat that Little Mix !.. I think there is a good vote for that one on the Play list – can I make that my big one – can I not play that once a day ? there you go, The Folk, you’ll hear them tonight… it’s going to be a great show.” Ronnie Barbour and Gareth Lloyd

We went into the studio of BBC Three Counties Radio on 3rd Feb and had a great interview with Gareth Lloyd as part of the introducing slot on a friday.

On Thurs 12th Feb we went over to Hitchin to chat and play on air at YOR Radio.

‘We were so excited to have The Folk play live in the YOR Radio studio. It was so refreshing to meet four unique young ladies with so much talent and passion for what they do. These girls are a real inspiration to all young people in Herts.  We wish them all the luck in the world and can’t wait to have them play live for us again.
- Diana Hedley  (YOR Radio

Other comments emailed to us about the band;
‘Not heard of the band before and its not really my kind of music, but they sounds great, really talented’ – no name.
‘Lovin the folk, hope to catch them live soon, janee x :)
‘Great to hear good live talent in Herts, good luck to them, Reis’
‘quality bunch of girls, you can can tell how dedicated they are by the quality of their music. Joe’

WE went in to Jack 106 fm  on 21st december for our first ever radio appearance ( thanks Steve !).. and played a couple of tracks live in the studio and had a chat about how we got together and stuff…here is the recording and the comment he made on air as we were driving away:

“You know when you hear a band and you think ‘there’s no reason why they shouldn’t make it ?’. I feel that way about The Folk”

And this is what he said about the single :

JACK FM 106 – about ‘When it Rains’


“Great ! Beautiful vocals – the whole mix is spot on – great single”



We were delighted to over hear Chas Hodges and Steve chat about The Folk  live on air  a couple of days before we went in to the studio. Thanks Guys!! This is what he said :

“The Folk, they’re great ! I saw them at the Corn Exchange a couple of months ago, they are fantastic, they are really good. Four really nice young girls and they’re really good players as well and they write their own stuff. They do a few covers too and I think they’re going places. “

Click on the link to hear it for yourself !  :)