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Passionate about our music, we are three 16 and 17yr old girls who love writing and performing our acoustic pop with a twist of folk. We started out as a four, and since June 2012 we are moving forward as a three. We have enjoyed working with Sam creating a sound that we are all proud of, and would like to recognise the input she has had in the band. However, the band is now a full time commitment and the three of us have stopped school after our AS levels and will be spending the next 10 weeks immersed in writing music, perfecting our stage presence and finalising some exciting representation arrangements within the music industry.

A summer of festivals including Standon Calling, Rhythms of the World, Lodestar, Rhythms Festival Shuttleworth and great gigs such as The High Barn, The Troubadour mean we will have plenty of opportunity to embed the skills of our new session musicians, who we are excited to be playing with on our larger gigs. Cello, clarinet, sax and bass are going to augment the ukuleles ( baritone, soprano, 8 string and UBASS  - all KALA ) and guitars.

” With a plethora of musical tastes ranging from Florence to Laura Marling, Mumfords to Bellowhead and Fleet Foxes, Foster the People and Bon Iver, their many and varied influences infiltrate their music.



 An appealing combination of accessible songwriting written using a  collaborative approach, with often complex arrangements and intricate key changes aided by confident talented performances. Their challenging vocal lines and frequent harmonies are complemented by the frequent ‘folky’ instrument changes – fiddle, banjolele, mandolin, five different ukulele’s including a bass, baritone and the 6 stringed variety, guitars and floor Tom - currently star in their repertoire !


The result ? sumptuous, lyrical melody lines topped by catchy choruses and gorgeous harmonies.

We love harmonies and an element of development and surprise in our music, and like to provide a wide range of experiences for the listener, so there is always something new and different in each song. We like to challenge ourselves to create fresh and exciting music, to keep ourselves invigorated as well as you ! No two songs are the same ! Our new material is even more diverse and we are building up our tracks, currently standing at 8, to make an album later on this year.

We got together for a school project in 2011 and found we can write songs… we started as a covers band doing Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine among others, but in April 2011 wrote our first track ‘Better than Us ( Miss Havisham )’ and have been thrilled at the positive feedback, which started when we entered the world of busking.

We still love busking and have managed to pay for the recording, mastering and pressing of our first EP and single with the proceeds !

“Described as the lovechild of Florence and Mumford with a dash of Lily Allen, THE FOLK are passionately blurring the traditional lines of folk with an infusion of intelligent acoustic pop.

The Folk represent an inspiring antidote to manufactured bands, writing their own material and playing their own instruments. Add this to their strong views on individuality, self expression and creativity it is perhaps not surprising that they have been asked to inspire others, as Ambassadors for Hertfordshire Music Songwriter 2012.

Determined, focussed and dedicated, The Folk are living their dream and turning it into a reality”.

Last year was a roller coaster for us, with a visit to sing live and be interviewed by Steve Folland at Jack106FM being a lovely way to finish 2011.

We visited BBC Three Counties Radio on Feb 3rd, YOR Radio on 16th Feb, Crush Radio on 17th Feb, an interview on BBC Radio Cambridge on 11th April ( Sue Dougans afternoon show ), have just heard that we are going to have a product placement arrangement with  Dr. Martens  :) and a photo shoot with a major teen magazine in march and have excellent local gigs coming up in the shape of Bowes Lyon/ Hertfordshire Songwriter ( for which we are Ambassadors ) on 24th Feb in Stevenage, and Club 85, Hitchin, 9th March, The Orange Tree on 17th March,  and a feature in FAME magazine about to be printed, and a great review from Brixton Jamm Blog – see the press tab for the details. Exciting times….

Of course, Rhythms of the World will be a highlight on 14th July, on the Nettlebed Stage !

And mustn’t forget the single release of ‘When it Rains’ on 12 April. VERY exciting :)
Please let us know what you think of our music , and maybe like our facebook page ? ( link at the top right of the page in the pink banner ). Look forward to hearing from you.




The Star of the stage, Lucy’s presence makes our performances come alive and sparkle, and her stunning theatrical voice helps our songs stand out from the crowd. Enthusiastic and warm, Lucy is the Jewel in the Bands’ crown, a born performer, she loves everyone and they love her back !

Lucy loves nothing more than writing and performing an upbeat dance track, she is rightly particularly proud of her input in Disco Ball Bra ( inspired by her outfit on New Years Eve !) and Here Come The Creeps. Lucy is at her best when writing the lyrics and vocal line to suit her massive voice.

Recently adding the Floor Tom to her act, Lucy has great fun providing the deep bass rhythm on a number of our tracks.

When not working on band related activities, Lucy is passionate about art  ( taking Art, History – school prize winner ! – and French for A level ) and has developed a stunning abstract style that is distinctive in its multi tonal use of colour. Like Lucy herself, you simply can’t ignore it ! Lucy is using her fashion and artistic elements to help the rest of the band bring out their unique personalities.

“I’ve always felt a belonging on stage. I’ve realised, as strange as it is, I’m most comfortable when performing and as soon as we’re out of the spotlight I feel slightly shyer. None the less there’s nothing I enjoy more than performing and socialising, it’s annoying how fatigue can get in the way of this sometimes!

When recording in the studios I feel so exposed as the lyrics are properly heard for the first time, and, as they’re so personal, I feel quite naked! However, it’s writing personal lyrics that I’m great at which makes me enjoy writing and singing songs even more. For me, this is an art and a way of expression, one that I thoroughly adore.

The band’s got to a point now where it’s the leading way I choose to express myself, especially through the outfits that I buy for each gig, I’m starting to get on my father’s nerves now for all the money I’m spending on outfits! I’m far from following fashion; I prefer to have my own unique style. I’ve learnt that I can’t be anyone else and being unique is my favourite. I feel The Folk’s style defines our individuality and a dream would be for others to embrace this, as well as themselves”.







Our endearing Guitarist who provides the glue which keeps everything together, whether it is acoustic, electric or bass, Lauren also loves her mandolin and ukulele. Her instruments beat along like the heart of the band. Lauren’s life is the band, she eats, breathes and dreams it, songs popping in to her head at any ( inconvenient ) time of the day or night ! Consequently,if only one instrument is playing, it will be Laurens.

It has to be said that Lauren is a dyslexic techie ! However, her dyslexia has not stopped her becoming a prize winner for Design and Technology ( 3D Design is one of her real talents ),taking Resistant Materials Tech, Music Technology and Business A levels, it is no surprise that it is Lauren who knows all there is to know about setting up our PA equipment. And repairing it when required, she often surprises the venue organisers by doing it all herself -her attempts to teach us have got as far as the occasional mike stand being erected ! – She sets it up and packs it back up and takes complete responsibility for it all, much to our relief ! ( all we do is a bit of carrying and mike testing !)

“Organising us on stage has become her default role and she distributes set lists ( with very interesting spellings, it has to be said  !) Passionate about electronic circuits and Shure SM57’s, it has been noted that if Lauren doesn’t have a guitar in her hand, she can probably be found researching a new mic or lead, pick up or head set.

“I have been doing music most of my life and have always had a passion for it. I would say one of the true turning points was when I was ten and started a band , and (although it was nothing like this one) it really opened my eyes to the world of performance and I am always at my happiest when either  writing or performing.

I have always been intruiged by the business and logistics of bands and the dynamics of what makes it tick.  I feel that this has strongly influenced my life and my musical interests have shaped who I am today. I think I can honestly say that not a minute goes by without thoughts of The Folk or some music related event.

I have been playing guitar for 8 years now and can’t imagine my life without it. Music is one of the most important things for me and I am so grateful I have been given this opportunity. It’s amazing to think that I have been able to meet such friendly and musically talented people and to get so close to them in such a short time that I see them as family and it’s amazing how well this is working out.

I really believe that the Folk will make it with the hard work and dedication that we have been putting in, and that this will change our lives. A life of writing and performing is heaven to me and I am so excited to see where my love of music will take me”.






Rose appears to be the more rebellious of The Folk. With the partially shaved head, piercings and quirky fashion sense she doesn’t run by the norm and strives to look individual, not letting anyone change who she is.

However this rebellious side is only one half of Rose, the other being arguably the most understanding and empathetic person in the band. She finds great comfort in helping others and a day doesn’t go by without her giving someone a warming hug to put a smile on their face!

Her role in the band is quite diverse, like her personality. Taking Music Technology, Art and Music for A level, she doesn’t stick to just one instrument and varies between her numerous ukuleles, whilst also adding husky and harmonious backing vocals. Some may be surprised by this husky singing voice because it is in great contrast to her everyday girly voice. Her song writing skills and complex compositions come from her great love of the piano which she has played since she was 5 years old and her inspiring passion for all types of music. She believes in individuality and says “as long as you stay true to who you feel you are, you will ultimately be a very happy and confident person.”

“Music is what I do, sounds pretty cheesey but honestly if i dont pick up an instrument for at least a day i start to go mad!

Two years ago i became very ill and it was one of the hardest times of my life so far, however what got me through it was my friends, family and doctors but also music. Music took me away from all the problems I was having and really helped me come out of my shell again.

After getting back to school full time, i found my beautiful Folk ( lauren and lucy) and since then we have grown so close and really feel we are starting to accomplish some really special things. Let alone what our future might hold!

In the band i would say i am the kooky one of the folk, mainly because i cannot stand to run by the norm and always try to be individual! Hence the red hair, piercings and distinctive fashion sense.

My main musical influence at the moment has to be Bellowhead! I went to a concert of theirs at Cambridge Corn Exchange and was blown away by how incredibly talented and energetic they were!

I believe that The Folk can and will make it! Not just because of our individual music but because of how close we are as a group and our equal determination to succeed.
Being in a band for me is not about the fame or money but the experiences and inspiring people that I will encounter along the way”.


The Folk ( Rose, Lauren and Lucy )